Testimonials from Students and Parents

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Ms. Arispe was a skillful and caring tutor. She helped my son understand and enjoy math in a way that was individualized and effective. We were able to make what would have been a difficult and challenging school year into one of growth and success!

Vanessa Arispe is simply the best teacher and tutor I have ever met.  Her reputation preceded her, and we requested that she teach both of our children in elementary school; our daughter in 4th grade and our son in 5th grade.  Both did very well in her class and scored very high on their TAKS tests.


After moving to middle school, our daughter, however, failed the Math portion of the TAKS in 7th grade, and was facing summer school if she could not pass on her remaining attempt.  Ironically, she had made “A’s” in her 7th grade math class but did not pass the test.  This was a very difficult time for us all.  We asked Ms. Arispe if she could work with our daughter after school to get her ready for the second attempt; after four weeks of tutoring sessions three days per week, our daughter not only passed the TAKS, she received a “commended performance,” with a score that put her in the high 90th percentile.  Ms. Arispe is THAT good. 


Whether a child is already high functioning or needs remedial help, Ms. Arispe is able to assess the need and custom design an effective tutoring plan. We have recommended Ms. Arispe for tutoring to many parents, and will continue to do so. 

Mark H. Sandel,

Professor of Social Work

Texas Woman’s University

Vilma A. - Parent
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Karina Hess - Former Student
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Mark Sandel - Parent
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Mrs. Arispe tutored my daughter during third and fourth grade. My daughter struggled in all subjects but mostly math and language arts. My daughter had previously had tutors and attended Kumon, but it did not have long term success. After getting diagnosed with ADHD,  Mrs. Arispe taught her long term skills to help her learn the material. My daughter never needed a tutor again and successfully completed high school and college with honors. She was very easy to work with and helped me learn how to best help my daughter be successful.

Karina Hale Lewis - Parent
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Gabriel - Former Student
Carol Patrick - Parent

Thank you for tutoring me in reading. I learned so much from you. I especially liked the reading strategies you taught me on how to find the main idea of a story or paragraph. I had a hard time doing this until you taught me how to teach myself and have been able to pass my STAAR tests and do great on my daily reading assignments. 

Thank you for all your help and for believing in me! If anyone asks for a tutor I would recommend you!

My grandson is in tutoring with Mrs. Arispe this summer.

She has enabled him to be successful in his weak subjects of math and reading.  She made learning fun and purposeful as she led him through specific skills.  I highly recommend her! 

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Mrs. Arispe in Action

Mrs. Arispe was awesome! My tutoring was great. She tutored me during my 3rd and 4th grade years and after those two years I never needed a tutor again! I have now graduated from college with my bachelors in Political Science despite history being my worst subject before she tutored me, I believe my love for politics and history came from working on my history questions in fourth grade with her. She made learning fun.

Craig Compton - Parent
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Thank you for the extra tutoring time and the instruction with my daughter. We saw so much improvement with her self awareness and self responsibility. You have truly given her what she needs to move to the next level.