On a personal level, families I've worked with have commented often on two particular things they appreciate. Parents have often told me that their kids actually look forward to our lessons! I take this as the highest compliment a child can give; it means I'm doing my job right by treating each student with respect and keeping the lessons lighthearted and interesting.

Second, I have been told that I have an uncanny ability to spot a student's weakness and provide customized interventions that take them from where they are to where they need to be. Again, I rely on effective strategies from research and practice to help your kids learn, remember, and apply the skills they need to succeed in their most challenging classes and concepts. 

No, I do not offer money-back guarantees for raised grades, test scores, admission to a first-choice school, etc. Ultimately, the student is in charge of his or her own learning, and the student's attitude and effort will greatly influence his or her success. I do guarantee that I will provide high-quality, personalized tutoring. 

I have been teaching for 27 years and have been tutoring students part time for the majority of my time in education. I have spent my entire adult life helping students of all learning styles achieve success in school and beyond. 

If your child needs help in reading, writing, or math, I can provide instruction and practice activities that will work directly to eliminate academic weaknesses and develop strengths. Tutoring sessions consist of direct instruction and guided practice. This process will allow your child to catch up and stay with his or her class academically, but more importantly, your child will have less stress, more confidence, and a better attitude toward school and learning. 

If your child is right on track or ahead academically, I can provide instruction and activities that will boost and fine-tune his or her talents in reading, writing, and math. The purpose of such instruction is not just for a student to stay ahead of his or her peers, but to reach his or her potential as an excellent reader, writer, problem solver, and critical thinker.

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What can you do to help my child?

I have a Bachelors of Science in Education from Howard Payne University. I meet or exceed all requirements for teacher certification in most states and hold an Elementary Education Certification for Grades 1 through 6 in Texas. 

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What are your teaching credentials?
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How much teaching experience do you have?
What subjects do you tutor?

I tutor the following subjects:

  • Elementary & Secondary:

    • Reading​

    • Math

    • Algebra I

    • Grammar

    • Writing

    • Social Studies

    • Spanish

  • Standardized Test Preparation​

    • STAAR​

    • ACT

    • SAT

    • GED

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Do you offer guarantees?
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Why should I hire you to teach my child?
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Where does the tutoring take place?
What will my child be doing at the session?

For face-to-face tutoring,  you can come to my home or we can meet at a public venue, e.g. a public library (whichever you prefer). 

In our face-to-face tutoring sessions, I teach skills directly to your child and then guide him or her to practice those skills: first with me, then without me.


Have your child bring any materials that spotlight problem areas, i.e. math workbooks, test prep materials, study guides, homework assignments, to target instruction on actual weaknesses and areas requiring intervention. During our initial consultation, we will discuss what materials will be most effective for the needs of your child.

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How long is a tutoring session?

You do not need to be present in the room, but you are welcome there if your child is comfortable with it. 


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Should I be present during the session?

Most face-to-face sessions are scheduled to be one hour in length, which is about the maximum amount of time that most children can keep up their energy and concentration. Test preparation sessions for older students are generally two hours. 

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What if we have to cancel or reschedule the tutoring session?

Please let me know in advance if you need to cancel or reschedule a tutoring session. If you need to cancel on the same day as the lesson, please cancel via phone or text message to ensure that the communication gets through in time.